Mausoleum Entombments at The Williamsburg Chapel Mausoleum in Beaver Falls Cemetery and Memorial Park

The Williamsburg Chapel Mausoleum was built and completed in 1988 and is on the same ground as the Beaver Falls Cemetery. It is locally owned, and provides at need and pre-need arrangements.

Presenting the traditional elegance of historic Williamsburg for those who prefer the abiding warmth of an above-earth final resting place. We welcome families from all over the Beaver Valley and the funeral directors who serve them, to consider in the time of need, Williamsburg Chapel Mausoleum. We serve all faiths and backgrounds.

Our tastefully furnished chapel reflects the warmth and graciousness of historic Williamsburg. The setting provides a place where interment services may be conducted in quiet reverence, protected from weather and all outside distractions.

Advantages of Mausoleum Entombment

·        Eliminates the continually rising cost of lots, vaults, memorials, and grave digging.

·        Entombment above ground in clean, dry, ventilated chambers is a preferred form of final disposition.

·        Practiced by those of all faiths and beliefs for thousands of years.

·        Protection from the elements present in ground burials.

·        A dignified and everlasting memorial.

·        Have the finest at a price within your means.

·        An investment in peace of mind. The fulfillment of the sacred duty to select a final resting place that inevitably must be done.

·        Eliminates concern for who will care for graves in the future.

·        Heated and Air Conditioned for year round visiting comfort.

If you already own burial space in any cemetery, we are presently offering cash credit toward the purchase of chambers in the Williamsburg Chapel Mausoleum (subject to cash credit terms).

You could save money purchasing select space in our beautiful mausoleum instead of paying all the charges for earth burial at most memorial parks.

For those who choose cremation, our mausoleum contains special areas for memorialization, in the formal chapel as well as outside in the urn garden.

A portion of the purchase price of every crypt is placed in a non-withdrawable trust to provide funds for perpetual maintenance.

Contact us for financial details.

The Wrong Reasons to Delay This Decision

I’ll Do It Later

·        There will never be a better time than NOW to place your personal affairs in order.

I Don’t Want to Think About It

·        Of course you don’t. No one wants to think about his or her death. But you purchased car insurance, for and sickness protection even though you don’t expect such a tragedy to occur. You considered the consequences and prepared accordingly. Owning your crypt is one more thoughtful and practical provision.

Life Insurance Will Take Care of Everything

·        Your family will have funds but they will still be burdened with a decision and selection you can relieve them of NOW. Saves insurance for the well-being of the remaining loved ones.

I Really Can’t Afford It Now

·        When cemetery purchases are made at-need historically they are payable immediately. By acting now you pay today’s prices with:

o   Interest free payment terms to fit your budget needs.

o   Certificate of debt forgiveness on the primary wage earner and minor children in the event of untimely death of either.

My Parents Have a Cemetery Lot

·        It is possible others may need or use this space before your family needs it. Or, there may not be as much space there as you believe. What you think may be a solution could end up being a costly at-need purchase of a vault, monument, and possibly an additional grave for your spouse.

I May Move Away

·        Recognizing society’s mobility, we are affiliated with 1500 nationwide funeral functionaries providing a transfer credit program. NOW is a wise investment in peace of mind, no matter where you may live or be at the time of need.